Loxley Copper Leaf Junior #LOX033

Following on with my love of the LP shape, (its so simple but so perfect in its form) I wanted to create something that looks quite different in its finish from what people expect, but with the feel, tone and sound of a classic instrument.

  • Lightweight Korina body.

  • Hand applied copper leaf coating, finished in Nitro.

  • Mahogany and flamed maple laminated neck with North Indian Rosewood fretboard, pearl dots.

  • Handwound and overwound Loxley P90.

  • Old stock tort scratchplate.

  • Bourns low torque pots and vintage PIO cap make this a very dynamic and versatile instrument.

Loxley Redwood S Style #LOX023

Having become interested in Fender style guitars in recent years, i fancied having a go at something that looked familiar, but stood out as something quite different.  A pleasing natural aesthetic with a comfortable, tactile familiarity.

  • Old growth sinker Redwood top from Oregon.

  • Top bound Korina body.

  • Highly flamed maple neck with Rosewood fretboard, pearl dots and the signature Loxley leaping trout at the 12th.

  • Fender custom shop pickups.

  • Bottom tone wired to control the tone of the bridge & middle pickups.

  • Hand rubbed oil finish.

Loxley Custom LP #LOX020

I wanted to push the boat out for my 20th guitar and settled on building a homage to my favourite guitar.  Mixing traditional with modern this unique guitar was born.

  • Top quality highly flamed English Sycamore top.

  • Korina body.

  • Korina and Padouk neck with a Padouk fretboard, vintage spec celluloid inlays.

  • Handwound Fletcher humbucker pickups.

  • Gold Gotoh 510 hardwear throughout.

  • Bound body and fretboard.

  • High gloss finish, sprayed and buffed inhouse.

Loxley "Jaffacaster" #LOX018

Sometimes I get sounded out about a truly custom guitar, that pushes the boundaries for me as builder. This was one of those guitars.  A truly one off, unique instrument.

  • Top quality highly flamed maple top.

  • Double bound Korina body.

  • Maple and Ebony laminated neck with Birdseye maple fretboard and brass dot inlays.

  • Handwound trio of Fletcher P90 pickups.

  • Individual switching for each pickup

  • Gold hardwear throughout with Schaller Da Vinci tuners.

  • Custom pinstripe work by Miss Atomic Pin-striping.

Loxley Pink Ivory PRS #LOX017

I've always had an interest and admiration of Paul and his design. Something very novel in a market awash with Les Pauls and Strats.  Utilising a rare Pink Ivory top, this thinner bodied guitar still packs a punch whilst being lightweight.

  • Figured rare Pink Ivory top.

  • Spalted English Ash body.

  • Beautiful old Sapele neck.

  • Rosewood fretboard.

  • Handwound Fletcher high output pickups.

  • Hardtail bridge with brass saddles.

  • Handmade Rosweood knobs and flamed maple cavity cover.

Loxley Flat Top LP #LOX016

I often have special pieces of timber in my stocks that hang around for some time until I'm hit with inspiration of what to do with them.  I finally settled on a slim line LP shaped guitar utilising the highly flamed Claro Walnut top.

  • Highly flamed Claro Walnut top.

  • English spalted Ash body.

  • Maple and Walnut laminated neck with an Ebony fretboard.

  • Original late 70's handwound kent Armstrong PAF pickups.

  • Custom designed and machined aluminium surrounds.

  • Aluminium bridge, knobs and cavity covers.

  • Purfled and rosewood bound body

  • High gloss finish, sprayed and buffed inhouse.