Parlour Guitar - The Michigan

Based on a 1920's instrument manufactured by The Regal Company of Chicago which features their typical transverse ladder bracing to the soundboard.

These spruce braces have been stiffened by the addition of a centre lamination of european beech and with a neck joining the body at the 13th fret, the bridge is located at its optimum position on the soundboard.

For a small instrument it has a loud but articulate voice.


Length, total                       37 3/4"

Length, body                        18 1/4"

Width, upper bout            9 1/4"

Width, waist                         7 1/4"

Width, lower bout          13 1/8"

Depth at tail                          3 7/8"

Depth at heel                        3 1/8"

Scale length                                25"

Nut width                               1  7/8"

Blues Guitar - The L-00

This instrument is offered in two formats, the original Gibson, 1929,

12 fret to the body with light bracing and their version from 1932

onwards, which has 14 frets to the body.  Both versions feature full x -​ bracing to the soundboard.

Whilst the body shape and dimensions are the same, the fact that the bridge, sound-hole and bracing are in different positions on the soundboard produces two instruments with different voices.


Length, total - 12 fret                38"

Length, total - 14 fret       39 3/8"

Length, body                            19 1/4"

Width, upper bout             10 1/4"

Width, waist                            8 1/4"

Width, lower bout             14 3/4"

Depth at tail                             4 3/8"

Depth at heel                           3 3/8"

Scale length                                   25"

Nut width                                   1  7/8"

Resophonic Guitar - The Triolian

This instrument is modelled on a 1929 wood bodied National Triolian.  Keeping true to its heritage, the soundbox is constructed of laminated timbers - top, back and sides are tonewoods on the outer face with a quality birch plywood on the inner surfaces.

This instrument barks!


Length, total                         38 3/4"

Length, body                                20"

Width, upper bout            10 1/4"

Width, waist                            9 1/4"

Width, lower bout              14 1/4"

Depth at tail                             3 1/8"

Depth at heel                                   3"

Scale length                                  25"

Nut width                                  1  7/8"